Need More Information please be aware I only reply the following message

  1. You want to give me money - just like to other people do... just send me the wire transfer with this information - please contact me and i will send the more detailled information on the message.

  2. or if you want to give me some phone pulse.. this number will be very efficient to transfer.. it will give me more freedom on the internet.. i will use the legal internet quota to chat with you...

  3. Or you are the sultan agung - please sent me the latest GPU from NVIDIA and from GIGABYTE  and the latest CPU from intel , for the memory i want the CORSAIR latest RAM KIT , 4 channel will be very appreciated, for colling i really don't like water colling so any fan colling from NOCTUA will be appreciated, for the MOTHERBOARD i really want it is from GIGABYTE since it tier ONE,,, any ssd with high capacity will be good .

  4. You want to give me some girlfriend to play with, please make sure that lady is  with sexy booty, busty boob and young and beautiful, please note shemales or ladyboy will killed instantly using the prehistoric method.

So if you are not doing anything except the mentioned above - please don't bother to message me...

Here is the Devilo


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